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Our reduced-sheen monofilament polyester is the best choice when it comes to invisible threads. Unlike other monofilament threads made from weaker nylon materials, MonoPoly is made from polyester. Commonly referred to as an invisible thread due to its fineness and reduced-sheen, MonoPoly is great for the bobbin or top. Available in 2 colors, Smoke (for dark fabrics) and Clear (for light fabrics). MonoPoly is often used for invisible appliqué and quilting when the stitching is not meant to be seen. We recommend MonoPoly over nylon monofilament threads since MonoPoly will not become brittle over time (nylon monofilament thread tends to go brittle). MonoPoly will not discolor (nylon monofilament thread tends to "yellow" over time), and MonoPoly is dryer and iron safe on medium-to-high heat.

  • Available in 2 colors, clear and smoke.

  • .004" (.1mm) in diameter (90 denier) = Very fine thread.

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MonoPoly Prewound Bobbins Smoke L-Style Dozen Pack


MonoPoly Invisible Polyester Thread .004mm 2200yds


MonoPoly Invisible Polyester Thread .004mm 2200yds Smoke


MonoPoly Smoke Prewound Bobbin