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Frequently Asked Questions

Deal of the Day

Deal of the Day Product Availability
The Deal of the Day may be limited to product availability.  If the item can be ordered, The Quilt Corner will make every effort to obtain the deal and ship it to you as quickly as possible.

The Quilt Corner will make every effort to ship your order within 2 business days after it is placed online provided the item is in our inventory. Delays can occur due to high volume and availability from our suppliers and warehouse.


Shipping Policies
shipping policies

Block of the Month

How is the Block of the Month billed?
When you sign up for our block of the month programs, we set you up on an auto-bill system if you provide your credit card information, which is stored securely.

For our PayPal customers, you will receive a monthly PayPal invoice.  We ship your block as soon as we have payment

For our local block of the month participants,  we will suspend a sale and hold your block at our front desk to be picked up.  You will receive a phone call and/or an email to notify you that your block is available.

If your credit card or payment information changes,  please call us immediately at 225.315.7285 or email so we may update your account and avoid delays in shipping your monthly kit.

How is the Block of the Month shipped?
Our block of the month programs are shipped either ground (for small months) or by USPS Priority mail.  The method will vary dependent on the size of that month's kit.  We schedule our programs to ship on or about the same day of the week each month, for instance the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  If we ship by priority, mail you should receive an email with the tracking number. If you do not have your block within 7 - 10 days of your expected ship date, and you have had no correspondence from The Quilt Corner, please call us immediately at 225.315.7285 or email 


I signed up for a class but cannot attend. Can I get a refund?
We totally understand that life frequently gets in the way of our fun!  If you contact us at least 72 hours prior to the class, we will happily issue a refund or store credit.  Our teachers are notified of attendance within 72 hours of the class date, therefore no refunds will be issued with less than 72 hours notice prior to the class.


What is your return policy?
At The Quilt Corner, we make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction.  We will accept returns up to 90 days from the date of purchase with some exclusions:  Yardage of fabrics are not returnable, unless defective.  If we shipped an item in error, or you wish to make a return, email us and we will happily send a return mailing label.

Quilting Services Customer Service Guaranty

What is your guaranty on Quilting Services?

At the Quilt Corner, we value our  professional reputation very highly and will treat your project as though it was our own. If you would like to make any changes to the pattern, thread(s), etc., which are noted on your estimate form, please let us know as soon as possible.

Once work has begun on your quilt or project, any changes made by you will be made at your additional expense. You will be charged for the time spent to prepare the quilt or project for the changes that you are requesting. There is a $40/hr charge for preparing your quilt or project for your changes, including removal of any or all of the stitching that has already been put into your quilt or project.

The estimated costs listed on the Estimate Form will be re-calculated to reflect the time it takes to prepare your project for the changes and the cost of the changes you are requesting.

In regards to longarm quilting:  Many people are under the impression that Longarm quilting is an “exact” art. In fact, the machine is hand-guided by me; even when under computer control, minor variations will occur due to changes in fabric, seams, piecing variations, etc. Please understand that quilting is not “perfect”; as such, it enhances the “hand made” look that we all cherish in our quilts.

I do not mark any quilts with my name or logo; so, if you loan your quilt project for public display or enter it in a show, please give the courtesy of crediting Margaret Chair of The Quilt Corner as the machine quilter.

I guarantee the quality of the quilting & projects that I do for you, my valued customer. The terms of the guaranty are as follows: If there is a problem with the quilt or project for which I am responsible, you must let me know within 72 hours of when I return it to you. I will use every reasonable means at my disposal to make it right. If that is not feasible, The Quilt Corner will issue a credit for the cost of quilting or project labor only. Batting, backing, binding, additional fabric and thread charges will not be included in the credit. The credit is the maximum liability of The Quilt Corner and this guarantee supersedes any and all guaranties implied by law, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The credit is redeemable for ninety (90) days from the issue date.