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Have a Little Faith


All I have seen teaches me to trust the creator
for all I have not seen.                       

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

                 Have a Little Faith Block of the Week Program

A Free Block of the Week Quilt Along


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How can we believe in something we’ve never seen, heard or touched?  For centuries, though, we have done exactly that.  God created us.  God loves us.  God watches over us.  God forgives us. How do we know this?  We must have a little faith.   

Throughout this pattern series, you will be exposed to inspirational stories and Bible verses that will encourage you to explore your own faith while constructing a 5” block.  At the end of each pattern, space is provided for your own personal reflection.  You can use this space to recall your personal thoughts regarding the Bible verse or story, or you can use the space to reflect on your process/progress when constructing the quilt.  Your completed journal will become a cherished treasure to accompany your finished keepsake quilt. 

Have A Little Faith 20-block pattern series will conclude with setting patterns to include a baby quilt, throw quilt, bed runner and queen-size bed quilt.  Each setting incorporates the (20) 5” blocks, together with remaining fabric and added background fabric.  The quilts are designed to be scrappy.  The fabric requirements below are for the blocks, setting units and border construction. Images of each quilt are on the next page.  Once you have completed the blocks, you can choose an appropriate background fabric that will complement your blocks.  Choose fabrics that you like.  Do not worry about darks, mediums and lights.  Within each block, you will simply be working for contrast.  Because of the size of the blocks, you will want to select small- and medium-scale fabrics.

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Have a Little Faith

        Bed Quilt Finishes at 102in x 102in

Half a Little Faith baby quiltBaby Quilt 41in x 49in


Have a Little Faith Bed Runner Have a Little Faith Bed Runner 33in x 93in

Have a Little Faith Throw QuiltHave a Little Faith Throw Quilt