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Aunt Mag at The Quilt Corne


A few years ago, Margaret Chair, also known as Aunt Mag began quilting in earnest and her passion developed in such an unusual manner! Fueled with the inspiration that she wanted to create a "blankie" for her first Great Niece(s) soon to be born (actually had two nieces pregnant at same time) she decided a baby quilt would be just perfect! Off she went to buy fabrics and began searching online for the perfect pattern. This search to her wonder and amazement opened an entire world that she did not know existed! The blankie desire was purely out of remembrance of her own son's love for his blankie and was her hope and desire that these blankies would be loved in the same way.. Before too long - the 1st blankie was made & shipped off ... with the desire to make another! She started the next one (much more ambitious) and from there she says "I truly drank the quilting Kool-Aid" and since then has been fully engrossed in the art of quilting.

Aunt Mag comes from a long line of crafter's! Her Grandmother, Delia Baudier, was a seamstress and actually taught her to sew when she was just a young woman. It's not all about quilting though! In her relaxing time, she, loves to read books (especially Jennifer Chiavarinni & Marie Bostwick), and truly enjoys gardening & cooking. Aunt Mag's love of sewing and fabrics started at a very young age, when her mother first taught her how to embroider at the age of 5. A bet with her husband when she was just eighteen netted her 1st sewing machine, which she used for more than 30 years! To top it all off, Aunt Mag is a “people” person and just loves visiting with her fellow quilter's. Aunt Mag is also a woman of faith, loves the Bible and fellowship with her church. Her family has always been in the "crafty" business with her family owning and operating a wholesale/retail ceramic shop for more than 45 years! Owning and running a quilt shop not only enhances her interests in sewing, fabric and education; but it also provides the opportunity to create many friendships with fellow quilter's and it feels like she has one very big, happy family.

If you had told Aunt Mag that it would lead to every spare moment spent sewing & creating - and eventually owning her own shop... That she would soon own six machines (3 - Domestic Sewing Machines, a serger, an embroidery machine, and an HQ Amara & a Forte Longarm machine, she would have thought you had lost your mind! . Her passion for the art of quilting inspired her to not only expand the types of fabric, but to also include embroidery and quilting services, plus lots of patterns and block of the month programs to her online shop!

Many relationships have been formed here at The Quilt Corner over the years; customer relationships that have turned into close friendships. It is because of her customers and a shared love for quilting that Aunt Mag is where she is today. She holds our quilting friends in high esteem and value. Her gratitude extends far beyond words. She considers herself blessed to have made such warm, caring, lasting relationships.

She offers a variety of fabrics at the Quilt Corner, regardless of your taste. From brights, bold, batiks, novelty fabrics for children and adults, primitives and a wide variety of blenders. Our friendly staff is always glad to help you start a new project or find just the right piece to finish an existing one. Come and be a part of the Quilt Corner family! See you soon!